there is a bug that prevents the game from running its normal course being a killer

Hi, I'm from Chile and I've already played two assassin games in a row with the same error, so I don't know whether to keep playing or wait for a new update. the killer was the ghost in case you were wondering.

The mistake is that I get caught right in the middle of a pallet. This happens when I am chasing a survivor and throws the pallet at me, I want to emphasize that the players I have played against have been empathetic asking me for forgiveness or things like that, what I ask is that they look for a way to fix it, be it with an update or something, because really, nothing can be done in the game as a result of this error.

I have a screenshot where it is clearly seen that I am in the middle of a pallet and even if I try to move I am literally stuck and it does not give me any option to break the pallet.

sorry my bad english but i don't know how to speak it xd

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    Here are screenshots of another game I played but now it happened to the assassin I was playing against. they tried to jump across the pallet but to no avail and clearly was stuck on the pallet

    Thanks to the people who give you good votes, hopefully they will solve it soon

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