Freddy stuck after downing 2 players, Claudette save and Laurie vaulted. PC

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As stated, Freddy is getting stuck when interacting with other characters. This happened at window near Gen @ Yama near the main temple and gate. Was early in the match first 2 minutes or so (1 hook, 1 gen, 3 downs, 3 repair regressions). Could move after a few seconds but remained stuttery. Had to quit the match... which of course counts as a loss for me and I get penalised. Either way it causes me to depip and lose add ons which isn't fair. Have made another post regarding Freddy getting stuck when survivor drops a pallet. Pretty disappointing to pay for a DLC for a killer on top of the game then have it not work properly and be penalised as well

Account is ScaryTerry. Can see this is the only match I've quit,. The pallet issue is not being able to move when a survivor drops a pallet but is solved by breaking the pallet... means cannot turn around and run around the loop but forced to break it. I can play through that. But this stutter after vault made the match unplayable.

Have tried posting screenshot but it loops in the browser, that is it doesn't upload and then if I close the upload window it just keeps reopening until I kill Explorer.

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