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apnea80 Member Posts: 2

Hello! :)

I don't know if there is a forum about this already but I don't get any new entries when I finish my master challenges. (PC). I hope its just a bug and you can fix that soon?

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  • Harlekin
    Harlekin Member Posts: 12

    It's the same with me 

  • Salkar
    Salkar Member Posts: 1
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    I am having the same issue! (Platform: PC -> Steam)

    Pls, I NEED my LORE <3

    Edit: Issue resolved! I got my LORE <3

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  • Milo
    Milo Member Posts: 7,383

    Same here.

    My guess is how this happenned - Yesterday when i was on and in the rift i actually didn't notice any page icons on master challenges. So i guess they didn't exist yet. I login today and see that they're actually here.

  • FDHappy
    FDHappy Member Posts: 1

    Got the same problem. Started playing and there were no page icons. Today there are the icons. I hope that this gets fixed because I already unlocked 5 Lore things and I´m kinda sad.

  • Dominum_vestri
    Dominum_vestri Member Posts: 47

    Gimme my lore pack

  • SeanBoi80
    SeanBoi80 Member Posts: 11

    Yup same thing happened with me. When I first started working on the challenges I was surprised that there were no page icons on the master challenges. Now I see there are, yet even though I've done several prior the associated lore isn't unlocked on my thingy :(

  • Arifena
    Arifena Member Posts: 8
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    I'm having same issue. I was surprised yesterday that we didn't get any lore in Level 1 till I got notification today that I've unlocked one. Others that were already unlocked do not appear as available in collection.

  • Arifena
    Arifena Member Posts: 8

    After restarting my game they are all available again!

  • apnea80
    apnea80 Member Posts: 2

    unlucky after restarting i am still missing 1 entry :(

  • ChiTenshi
    ChiTenshi Member Posts: 877

    I am also experiencing the same issue. The challenges didn't even have the page icon to start off with, but restarting the game brought those back.

  • Thefogprowler
    Thefogprowler Member Posts: 3

    I hope they fix this, I want my lore =(

  • bm33
    bm33 Member Posts: 8,071

    Same issue on PS4. Yesterday when I first logged in the master challenges didn't show the pages. I completed 2 Kate master challenges and 1 Dwight master challenge but the lore didn't unlock. I restarted the game and the pages finally were showing on the master challenges but the 3 challenges I completed were still locked. I completed another Kate master challenge after restarting, that one unlocked but the 3 previous to the restart remain locked. Hoping the put through a patch because it stink to have the lore locked when I completed the challenges.

  • Trancax
    Trancax Member Posts: 1
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    hello, I play on ps4, yesterday I completed 2 master challenges and they did not give me the lore, today the lore icon appears but I have not received any and they are complete, how can I get them?

    I have restarted the game and the lore has appeared

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