PC - Gen completed, but it says we have 5 to go

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So, we completed a generator and the icon on the bottom left saying the generators left, still said 5. When the generator was completed, I got the visual cue, but NO AUDIO CUE at all. Anyways I headed to the finished generator and you can see it looks like it was actually completed (the stuff on top of it was moving and all). When we finished the next generator, the number got updated to 3, so I really hope this is only visual... But, who knows.

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  • JeremyTM96
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    Had this bug a few times as well, It seems to happen when you fix a generator too fast for the game to register or something. I hope they fix this soon :)

  • KnotEnthusiast
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    Had this happen as well. The upside is as soon as a second gen is done it goes down to 3 gens left.