Xbox - Huntress trapped in place


  • Shelter Woods (Macmillan Estate)

Character Played:

  • Huntress


  • Hex: Lullaby
  • Hex: Ruin
  • Barbecue & Chili
  • Thanatophobia


  • Iridescent Head
  • Infantry Belt


  • Hollow Shell


I loaded the game as normal, and hooked a couple of survivors. Then I downed a Feng outside of the killer shack, and hooked her in the basement, on the hook directly to the right of the hook facing the stairs. She was wiggling, so I was forced to briefly walk backwards to get the hook.

Once I had hooked the Feng, my character locked into place and would not move from the hook. Every time I attempted to move the game would bug me back into the same spot. The Feng was then unhooked, the remaining survivors completed the remaining 5 gens and escaped while I was stuck in the basement, unable to move. It's needless to say I lost my add-ons and offering since the game had loaded without an issue.

We all had 60 ping apart from one survivor who had ≈90 ping. (It wouldn't let me upload the video as an MP4 so I converted it to a gif👍)

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