Oni Animation Bug and lose control on demonstrike, surviver hard slow down on left/right and more

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  • Oni

When go into demon mode, Oni´s Kanabos fly in front of his body.

When using Demonstrike, you try to hit slight to the left or right the body will overdriven immediately and you face a wall or something else. (I got one time 270° turn hitting to the right 90° and face the wall behind me after that)

It looks like demondash takes longer to charge up.

And a big question, is there a change, that you cannot do multiple hit´s anymore in demon mode or the hit distance changed?

direct hit on pallet with demon strike ends in "hitting wall" animation (I think it can happen to bubba, billy and demogorgon to)

  • Hilbilly

Animation bug, hard stop on saw and the angle you can hit anyone reduced is allready postet

  • Wreith

Same here, hard slow down on uncloaking is allready postet

  • All Killers

Can get stucked in pallets while lunge attack trough them

  • Survivors

Not every time but in 30% in a game it will happen that you get a hard slow down when you start moving to left and right, every direction change ends in a stop->turn->start moving again

Freeze on animations like unhook and it can happen to gens to.

  • Maps

Dead Dawg Saloon have a full closed room by 3 breakable walls with only 1 window, can be abused with trapper and 1 trap outside the window

  • General

Lags between killer and survivor ends in teleporting survivors + ping issues

And map´s got changed. What means for me as killer rank 1, it changes from balance to easy now 😉 but dont think it´s a bug. Who knowes.

There are for shure many more bugs and most of them you take knowlage about it. But if something it´s new for you, time was worth it.

I wish you all a beautifull day and enjoy the game.

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  • pawberrie
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    I can second the Oni issue. I've been having a lot of instances where using demon dash and hitting someone makes me and the survivor slide and be displaced, often being turned completely away from where I hit.

  • YKJasmine
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    I can second the Oni issue after hitting someone your cam will flick and can get some undeserved hit if another survivor stay near after you got successful hit