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Since the new patch, I have experienced a glitch that pretty much screws the match up for me. After the first time it happened, I brushed it off thinking it would be a one time thing, but it has happened four times. While it isn't absolutely common, it is still more times than it should. To summarize, after performing an action, my character gets stuck in place and cannot leave an invisible wall. Each time it happened, it was something different that preceded it. If it makes any difference, I play on Xbone and always use Bill.

-The first instance was on Mother's Dwelling against a Doc. I was hooked, and right after I was saved by a Claudette, I could not leave the area. It's as if my leg was tied to the hook. Even when he ran back to down me, I could not crawl away during the few seconds I was a slug before he hooked me to my death.

-The second time this occurred was on Sanctum of Wrath against a Trapper. I unhooked a Feng Min, and she was able to run off, but I was stuck inside the invisible barrier again. The killer was nice enough to slug me and go after the Feng, but I was still helpless. He caught her, making me the last survivor. He picked me up and started looking for the hatch with me on his shoulders. He eventually put me down after giving up on finding the hatch, and I was actually able to move. I gave him the kill since he was showing some courtesy.

-The third time is a little foggy in my head, but I remember it was on a Coldwind map. I threw a pallet down and was stuck right next to it.

-The fourth time happened today and it was at this point that I knew I had to make a post. It was on Rancid Abattoir against a Demo. I was running him around for a while until I made the fatal mistake of vaulting a pallet. That is when the glitch occurred yet again. I was in healthy state at the time. I thought that if he would hit me, maybe I would get free, but it didn't work. I was yet again helpless inside an invisible barrier.

Anybody else experiencing something similar?

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