Is Up the Ante Even Working?

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Platform- PC

Description- The perk doesn't seem to do a single thing, self unhooks aren't easier, items from chests aren't better, and it doesn't even seem to effect Ace in the Hole.

Steps- Just play a match with this perk and see how worthless it is.

How often- Every game.

I swear I've tried using this perk effectively (even wasting another perk slot to pair it with Slippery Meat and still no difference) and I've gotten nothing from it. I ran it more for better items and a higher chance at getting a secondary addon (when paired with Ace in the Hole) and that wasn't even effective. I get better results from just trying to self unhook without it, not to mention Plunderers and Deliverance can do its job FAR better than it ever could.

Seriously I can't tell if the perk just doesn't work or if it just needs a buff, that's how bad it is. Before anyone says it, yes I know you can stack the perk for it to be more effective, but the matches where I get lucky enough to get just ONE other person to run it; the perk still doesn't do jack. No better items, no higher chance at addons, and self unhooks are a joke.

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  • Luigifan64
    Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,110

    Ok so update: since I've taken the perk off (been trying to get use out of it ever since the mid-chapter) I've actually gotten noticeably better items and I seem to self unhook more. It feels like this perk is bugged to give you negative luck, seriously, it's ridiculous how it hasn't been touched even though it's so ineffective.

  • Luigifan64
    Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,110

    Perk still seems to not be working