Constant "All gens done"-music during the Match

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I just played a match as Killer where I had the music which is playing when all Gens are finished during the whole game. I came into EGC the previous game as Killer and started the next game with the music. Was kinda annoying.

Platform: PC, Steam

Steps to reproduce: Playing a game as Killer followed by another Killer game

How often does this occur: Just had it happening, dont know how frequent it is

EDIT: Restarting the game AND playing a Survivor Match did not change that I have this music in my Killer games.

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  • Ifra
    Ifra Member Posts: 15

    I can confirm this, it doesn't happen in the first match, but in subsequent ones. I also am not noticing any 'idle' music at all during the first match, there is normally a faint beat going. I play Pig, and it¨'s very distracting to have the music when you're trying to listen for survivors in the grass.

  • kamisen
    kamisen Member Posts: 794

    Same here

  • Ardjet
    Ardjet Member Posts: 85

    Happens to me as well, just noticed twice in a row with different killers.

  • zeplore
    zeplore Member Posts: 95


  • IamFran
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    This problem must be fixed ASAP, it's not only annoying, the survivors are harder to hear.

  • YerboiB
    YerboiB Member Posts: 1

    +1 Same here

  • widescreen
    widescreen Member Posts: 49

    Same. Very annoying; Id like to play killer, but Im getting a headache hearing that sound throughout the entire match; does not go away even on different maps or running a map offering. I guess I know why kiiler queues are decent at the moment- who really wants to play killer with that constant nuisance happening. Awful.

  • Frost_Dragon365
    Frost_Dragon365 Member Posts: 2

    i've had that too, however i didn't have it in back to back killer games, i had just finished up a survivor daily and decided to play killer, first game and the "all generators done" soundtrack was playing all match

  • FUB1K
    FUB1K Member Posts: 3

    +1 Same here. It's extremely annoying.

  • browalker15
    browalker15 Member Posts: 91

    +1 the only way i have been able to make it go away is by restart the entire game on PS4

  • xenotimebong
    xenotimebong Member Posts: 2,803

    I got this too, in my first game of killer and every game after. Extremely distracting.

  • DelsKibara
    DelsKibara Member Posts: 3,127

    Yep, just got it three times in a row.

  • Vlad_V
    Vlad_V Member Posts: 8

    Had it happen two times in a row. I should also mention that there's intermittent moments where my game will freeze every 5 seconds I try to do something as Killer as well. Opening lockers, hooking survivors, etc.

  • Ardjet
    Ardjet Member Posts: 85

    This is in all of my games now, no matter which killer I play. Reinstalled the game and nothing changed. Really hope it gets a fix soon as it cripples all my matches.

  • JustAMelon
    JustAMelon Member Posts: 7

    So this has been happening to me as well. When I first boot up the game, my first match will play as normal. But then every other match will have this audio bug. However what's interesting is if my first match didn't reach end game my second match will not have the bug. But as soon as one of the matches get to end game, I will have the bug in all the rest of my matches after. (Unless I reboot the game) I was curious to see if the bug would go away if I didn't let the match reach end game on a match where I was currently experiencing the issue, this was not the case. It seems like there may be a possible issue with matches not being completely flushed from memory post game.

  • FellowKillerMain
    FellowKillerMain Member Posts: 858

    Happens on PS4 as well. Can confirm that it's incredibly annoying. It has confused me a number of times; I think the gens are done, then commit to a chase thinking it's my last chance to catch someone, then see a gen's aura and realize the gens aren't done. What makes it even more frustrating, is that to get it to stop I have to completely restart the game... after... every... single... match...

    Exiting the killer screen, and entering the survivor screen, or custom game screen doesn't stop it from happening. Getting into a chase doesn't stop it. It just plays incessantly anytime nothing is going on.

  • Ardjet
    Ardjet Member Posts: 85
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    This worked for me. I quit the game and went into steam and verified the game files. After a fresh verification and a reboot of the game, the problem seems to be gone.

    EDIT: Nevermind, it came back again after I played a survivor game.

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  • Vari
    Vari Member Posts: 8

    Happens on PS4 too, makes it nearly impossible to listen for hiding survivors around grass and the general environment. Very crippling for the killer, I would very much like to see this fixed asap.

  • AtraXis
    AtraXis Member Posts: 78

    This bug is also happening to me. I'd like to add that before the bug started to happen, I had no music at all in my previous matches.

  • MingBongo
    MingBongo Member Posts: 32

    Also happening to me, this has only occurred once on Temple of Purgation though.

  • Coder
    Coder Member Posts: 747

    It has happened to me too with Hillbilly on pale rose, and twice with wraith at Lery's. It's really annoying, since I'm one of those killers that tries to hear even the slightest grass movement or breathing.

  • DorsalSpike
    DorsalSpike Member Posts: 15

    Yeah, the first game of killer this patch, the music was Ok, but the next ones, even if i reset the game, the music is still bugged

  • zeplore
    zeplore Member Posts: 95

    +1 still no fix

  • Vox_Nocturne
    Vox_Nocturne Member Posts: 545

    Xbox is also effected. Really hard to hear anything over it if playing as a killer, plus on a psychological level it's not pleasant to experience as it puts that "Crap, gens done" feeling in place.