new killer ideas (submit yours in the comments

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Hi guys, this is just a quick discussion on what killers you would like to see in dead by daylight :D

You can write your ideas in the comments and react to others their ideas aswell :D

I personnaly want a Xenomorph (alien) in dbd, cuz if a demogorgon can get in, he can aswell :)

I'm gonna describe his powers aswell, you can do it too if you want:

Power: Xenological bio

So what this does, xenomorph is very stealthy when he is alone (this is not the case with multiple) and can appear at any second from any direction if you are not carefull.

Now this sounds like ghostface, i know, but hear me out.

Xenomorph actually has potential of jumpscaring people: what i mean by that is that he waits somewhere and "jumps" right at them.

So, with the details for ingame, xenomorph can latch onto walls (and ceilings if possible) and has to stay there, because moving on walls seems kinda unfair to me in dbd and also hard to program.

Now i'm not saying that he has to stay there all the time, no, her finds a victim, tries to hide from him, and proceeds to pounce on him. And do not worry just yet survivors, you do not have the exposed status effect :)

So, the procedure of doing this is gonna be as such... find survivor, press the button to active your special ability and you gain the undetectable status effect, hold it and the aura of the survivor will be shown to you, and now two options: 1. the survivor wanders your way and you punce him with the attack button. or 2. he/she wanders off and you let go of your special to move on.

Now this can also be done with gens: if survivors are working on a gen and you decide to show up, they move away, correct? Now, you can sit somewhere to hide from them, they come back and you strike them with your stealthy little xeno hands >:D

So, that was the killer itself, now lets go to his perks (yes i am getting really in to this)


Perk #1: Hex: Predatory stealth.

Your predator instincts are kicking in and you approach survivors with as much stealth as possible.

As long as the hex totem remains, your red stain is hidden from survivors, making you very undpredictable.

When the totem is cleansed, this effect persist for 0/4/8 seconds (differs on what prestige you are)


Perk #2: Unsuspecting prey

The survivors actions have terrible consequences, making you more aware of what you are doing.

When a survivor succesfully stuns you (or twice, tell me in the comments whats more fair), you gain a token.

Every token reduces your terror radius by 4 meters, and the maximum amount of tokens is 2/4/6 (differs on what prestige you are)

Everytime you hook a survivor, you lose 2 tokens.


Perk #3: (i dont know a perk yet for this one, please let me know in the comments and the lucky one will have it added here :D)


So, that should be all.

I know i did'nt cover the addons, but i am not doing that, thank you very much XD.

Anyway, i hope everyone else has good ideas, and i hope to see it soon :D


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    Cheap plug incoming! - I actually had a chapter idea for Alien myself, check out the post: 'Alien Chapter (Revised And Updated)'

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    Tried linking the post of the idea I made but wont work so just look up The Shadow of London on the second page of share your creations.

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    I think five nights at Freddy's would be cool along with a feddy Fazbear's pizza map

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    I actually did come up with an idea for a Left 4 Dead killer. The main post is here.

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    I posted one in here recently under the Chapter Disharmonic Dedication.

    Shameless plug

    Shameless plug

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    Honestly this whole thread is just going to be shameless plugs.

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    Okay so this is an idea in progress, but I think it would be REALLY cool.

    My idea is to have a killer that is a werewolf.

    the killer would start off as half man half wolf and his power would be where he howls and completely morphs into a werewolf. He would have increased speed, longer lunge, and other abilities. Obviously the devs would complete the character, but this is the start of an idea. Would be super cool!

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    Slenderman but not Sony Version

    Ignore comment, did not realized this was a necroed thread.

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    I have a 1 new survivor and 1 new killer, and with a 1 exclusive survivor (Better as Bill) work in progress. I have a Killer work in progress. My art skills are abeit not good lol.

    My killer Idea is 'The Doll'

    A twisted queen Killer, who will use phantom puppets, which they be placed anywhere and they can detect survivors and pursue them when they came closer to it.

    She also have Mini Dolls, they will patrol around the map or hide in random lockers to make ambushes on survivors without getting themselves crushed.

    She Has 3 personal perks: Flesh Cage, Voodoo Curse, and Withering, these perks will prevent survivors being rescued briefly, Reduces their effectiveness, and blocks their aura readings.

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    I want a starwars chapter with the Wampa as the killer and maybe a rebel as a survivor I haven't thought of any killer powers or perks or anything but I'm sure you guys can think of something

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    My 'The Doomsday' Idea is right under this one im pretty sure. Check it out

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    Okay, this is an older post... But I just like to shill for my own ideas whenever possible: so here.

    The synopsis (because it is long and I even add "comment errata") is a killer that can charge up a lantern whose beam reveals survivors' auras (probably should instead be a Killer Instinct or just highlights them making them appear brighter) and allows the killer to either summon a blizzard that slowly freezes objects in its area or alternatively unleash a cone of cold to freeze objects within its limited range.

    Frozen objects need to be cleared of ice and basically all props can be frozen; there are multiple stages of frozen each stage taking longer for survivors to clear the ice from while killers only ever need to take an extra second to interact with an object.

    As an additional benefit, survivors are a bit louder if caught in either the Blizzard or Cone attack.