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I can only run looking sideways or behing me and its annoying when im being chased and i can look in front of me to see if theres anything to help. When I do look infront my character does a walking animation and it get me hit. It also happens with killer and if I try to walk forwards it stuters hard and barely move. I dont know if its me only.

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  • Leopard113
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    I'm not sure if myself and my team mates have encountered this, or at least something similar. I've noticed this in Feng & Kate.

    We find after a short period of time (without being exhausted etc), the survivors seem to come to a very slow run. This will occur whether in a chase or running around the map.

    We have noticed if the survivor briefly stops running to either a stand still position or walk, the run will return to normal but when initiating it slows down again- but the time is undetermined and sometimes will revert back to the slow run within seconds again.

    This is extremely frustrating when trying to get away in a chase because the killer is instantly on the survivor.

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    I have the same problem, it's not just on Kate and Claudette i've tried David too it's on every survivor. It's frustrating. I can't be chased normally. I must look sideways or behind me and that don't works because I run into rocks or trees. I am not playing dbd until this bug is patched.

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    Huntress tried to pick me up just as I used Unbreakable/Soul Guard. She couldn't pick me up because I got up just in time and hit me and after that I could only go sideways the rest of the game. Picture proof, pretty good job so far.

    P.S. I like this picture. Cheryl has a nice side angle.