PC - Locker Tech bug caused stalemate for Killer and Survivor

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I was playing a match against Doctor (Tempt Me I'm Irish), and after I had died, Meg (Plz Kill The Nea), was hiding in a locker. The Doctor found her in the locker, and it appeared that Meg had jumped out of the locker before he could grab her, and then all of the sudden, Meg was in the carry animation. The Doctor had run off, but Meg was hanging in mid-air, right in front of the locker. She tried wiggling, but the bar was just flickering, and wouldn't fill up. I talked to the Killer after the match, and he said that his character model showed him carrying Meg, but he couldn't put her down, or place her on a hook. All he could do was swing his weapon. Since Meg was the last survivor alive, the game was at a stalemate. The Killer eventually terminated the match, and received a penalty.

Additional Info:

I was playing Meg as well, but it was not me that the bug occurred to.

Map: Grave of Genvale (The locker was in front of the saloon, the rightmost one, ground floor, on the porch area)

Frequency: Once



Video: I only have video of the Meg, the Killer didn't capture any footage

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