'Session Expired' Mid-Game, AFK Penalty Applied on Login

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Hey there,

I'm running on Windows 10 via Steam. I have not experienced this bug before, and while I can't say exactly how to reproduce it, I would imagine it involved leaving the game running in the background for some extended period of time and playing games occasionally.

I usually leave DbD running in the background of my computer, so it had been running since sometime yesterday.

I played a few games today, then took a couple hours away, then came back and played a game just fine, then got into another one.

During this most recent game, I played most of the game - I was working on the final generator - when I suddenly got disconnected from the match and got a 'Session Expired' error and had to re-"login" from the press-any-key screen. When I reconnected, I had a 5-minute AFK penalty timer on my account, received no match rewards, and lost my item, addons, and offering. =/

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    Jakeroo Member Posts: 49

    Addendum: The link mentioned when submitting a bug report 'click here for how a bug report should look' appears to be dead.