killer and survivor warping locations at pallets

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i thought this was supposed to of been fixed ages ago? i get that hit boxes are hard to get down due to latency, and its annoying when you get a killer stun, and get downed at the same time (yet while on the killer side you constantly get smacked with the pallets instead of getting downs with getting smacked with the pallets) but multiple games every night ill drop a pallet and either the killer will swap an be on my side of the pallet, ill be on their side after the drop, or we will completely switch sides

considering pallets are one of the only lines of defense against a killer in a chase, they need to be reliable

unfortunately i dont have any videos because ive been sick so havent been streaming, but the issue for me is on PC, and it generally is reproducible every time, will either be hit through the pallet or swapped places, and will also be hit through windows and even while dropping but as i said i know hitboxes are tough to get 100% accurate, ideally theyd be every characters outline and every killers weapon model but..thats ideally

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