Bubba's chainsaw (audio) still bugged in 3.7.2.

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Bubba's chainsaw audio is still bugged as of the latest patch in two ways. The original issue that was amended, was that when you broke a pallet with a chainsaw, the chainsaw sound would play indefinitely. While this was addressed, the latest hotfix however still has two issues in relation to this.

Issue 1: This fix fixes the original problem, but it's bandaid and not like the old version. In the new version, after breaking a pallet with the chainsaw, the chainsaw sound effect that shouldn't play still plays for an additional second more than it should before it stops. This is extremely out of place and annoying and needs tweaked.

To test this out, just break a pallet with the chainsaw and listen how the chainsaw sound will play for about an entire second after the anim is completed.

Issue 2: The chainsaw audio still plays infinitely (can only be cancelled by revving the chainsaw again) if you are stunned by a pallet while charging the chainsaw. This is essentially the same issue as the original fix, but a different circumstance.

To test this out, just fully charge the chainsaw and then get pallet stunned. The chainsaw revving audio will play indefinitely.

EDIT: The infinite chainsaw audio after being pallet stunned while revving the chainsaw applies to The Hillbilly too

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