Wraith still bugged after 3.7.2

widescreen Member Posts: 49

Faking the bell commits to bell audio without full animation. windstorm and swift hunt add ons still do nothing and base kit cloaking and uncloaking still feel slower than before.

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  • maxdefcon
    maxdefcon Member Posts: 54

    Yes... I am able to duplicate this as I main Wraith. I have to ignore the audio/animation. I wonder if it's messing with survivors when they "see" me as they are still standing pretty close and not running when the bell audio plays.

  • Vlad_V
    Vlad_V Member Posts: 8

    Yup. This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE Behaviour. We have now gone through TWO hot fixes, and you still have yet to fix this issue.

  • Boss
    Boss Member Posts: 13,613

    Yup, can confirm he'll play the entire uncloak audio, whether you fake the uncloak or not.