Hillbilly mess

nos4a2 Member Posts: 64

He is clunky with his animations and he feels terrible to play , his saw is running while u carry a survivor to the hook . He has to rev his saw two times to get it to take off. Please fix my billy

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  • Hito420
    Hito420 Member Posts: 89

    yeah ive noticed when i play the initical rev, 1.5 seconds it stops as if your mouse is going out, or as if you are tapping m2, but its actually charging, it is very misleading, i dont know how the patch could of changed the billys power, it really shouldnt have

  • widescreen
    widescreen Member Posts: 49

    the more patches the more broken billy gets. Ive tested this in kyf and just now in a live game; the chainsaw hit box is now smaller?! Ive ran by survivors and they just walk right by me. normally the chainsaw would have a curve animation and hit them. also tested in kyf on the pied piper map, the car in front of the school where a pallet usually spawns. in my case the pallet was not there and I stood beside the small debris while my friend did a chainsaw curve around the car and ran right by me. there are a bunch of curving clips on youtube of billy hitting survivors in this same spot. why is this happening?!