Stuck inside a generator

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Steps to reproduce

Step 1: Boot the game & enter a public match as survivor.

Step 2: Enter the map Dead Dawg Saloon.

Step 3: Repair the generator with another survivor. "The" generator (shown below) spawns in the middle of the road near the small windmill/water tower when the generator by the windmill/water tower doesn not spawn.

Step 4: Try and move (sprinting) as soon as the generator has been completed; you get pushed backwards and all other players percieve you as afk (not moving) despite a lack of crows. Being downed doesn't fix this issue- only being picked up by the killer.

Additional information

Character played: Claudette Morel

Perks played: Borrowed Time, Sprint Burst, Iron WIll, Decisive Strike

Map: Dead Dawg Saloon- Grave of Glenvale

Frequency of the issue: Has happened to me one (1) time, however others have reported similar issues over discord.

documents to add

-I played more matches after this and so do not have the logs-

(The generator in question- spawned in the middle of the road. Unable to move, sprint burst not activating despite me holding shift).

(Being downed does not fix this issue. Generator shown is slightly more clarity).

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