Extremely Strange Hillbilly Bug


I never experienced anything quite like this. I will attempt to describe this in detail but there is a video attached as well. I was playing on one of Preschool map and it was towards the end of the match. I hooked the Nancy; She floated in the air and her bar did NOT progress. After this happened I could not use my chainsaw, break pallets, or kick gens; I was still able to M1 however. This part is not in the video but two survivors escaped which should end the game... it didn't. I waited for EGC, but even after that triggered Nancy was still hooked and the game was still going. I ended up DCing and the survivors even said that they confused on what happened in game.

I do not use any hacks or any mods to get an advantage in this game. If you watch the footage you see that I have custom perk Icons. Please help, I dont know if this has something to do with the new patch that just was released a few hours ago (most likely). I appreciate all responses, this is a gamebreaking killer glitch.

Sorry about the video being in a zip file. Also apology in advanced for this report if it is not detailed enough, I have never posted on here before.

https://us.v-cdn.net/6030815/uploads/817/DBD Glitch.7z There was an error displaying this embed.

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