Stuck until I break the pallet when I get pallet stunned.

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• Description of the issue

This doesn't happen all of the time, but when it does, it's EXTREMELY annoying. Many times when I am chasing a survivor, they might try to loop me. This just happens as they don't want to be killed obviously. But the problem is that when I get pallet stunned, my character is just stuck, and I keep rubber banding every time I try to move. So I have to break the pallet to be free.

• Steps to reproduce (if possible)

All I can really think of is to just get stunned, and I don't remember what build I was using. But just please try to fix it.

• How often does this occur

Over the week and a half or so that I've had the game, it's happened 3 times that I can recall. Maybe more.

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