"Dead" Survivor inside Killer

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I was playing with a friend(who was playing nea - running spine chill, balanced landing, urban evasion and we'll make it) on PC, when he got hooked he started floating and could not be healed or interacted with. He said he got put inside the killer(who was oni - and i cannot find what they were using). When i was killed and put on his camera i was looking at the killer in 3rd person. When end game collapse ended the game continued until one of them disconnected. Throughout the experience he was floating in the air and his floating body was seen by the killer, and his blood bar did not decrease.

I do not know why this happened and i do not know how it would be possible to make it happen again.

I would attach a video, however it told me that the size of the file was too large.

Here are some photos from the video i had to show his view:

During the Match = IMG_4031

During End Game Collapse = IMG_4032

After End Game Collapse = IMG_4033

In the photos you can see the blood bar has not moved down, his perks and the timer for end game collapse.

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