PC - Feral Frenzy, Crotus Prenn Window Stuck

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While playing as the Legion I got stuck after Feral Frenzy vaulting the window on the left in the round room on Crotus Prenn - Disturbed Ward, I was then stuck in the rubble/in the wall I vaulted from and stayed in my Frenzy as I tried moving

Reproducing The Problem

Step 1: Boot the game up and play a match as Killer - (Legion)

Step 2: Play on Crotus Prenn Asylum - Disturbed Ward

Step 3: Go into Feral Frenzy mode and Vault over the ground floor window in the round room, you can only vault from it the one side and then you fall onto some rubble outside (I don't know if this matters too but it was the one on the Left if you're entering the room).

Step 4: You will become stuck in the ground/wall and be unable to move, I tried to swing my weapon and Feral Frenzy out of it, tried to backpeddle out but never could, after I realized I was doomed forever I quit and cried in the chat.

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How often?

First time I found this issue, love y'all

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