Tier 3 Myers Animation Bug (Killer's Perspective)

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An animation bug occurs when, playing as Myers, you get pallet stunned while lunging in tier 3. After getting stunned, Myers' knife goes almost completely offscreen. If you look closely, you will see part of the blade in the top right corner of the screen. This is more obvious if you are using the P1 bloody knife, as you can see the blood dripping from the corner of the screen.

If you pick up a survivor during this state, this animation becomes bugged as well, causing you to see the survivor flailing around and struggling in the top left corner of the screen.

Myers' view will return to normal once he swings again. Even if he is back in tier 2 during this time, this will look like a tier 3 swing.

I've been playing Myers for the past two days and I've been able to replicate this bug every time I get pallet stunned while lunging in tier 3.

This screenshot shows the bug, with the knife and the top right and the carried player in the top left.

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    It's wonky from the survivor's pov as well. Your arm is pulled out of it's socket and is way up in the air. The animations of swiping, lunging, and the weapon inspection should still work properly though.