Mettle of Man not registering protection hits

dadamek8 Member Posts: 51

I did not get a token for Mettle of Man even though I got a token for We're gonna live forever.

I was playing David King on Sanctum of Wrath against the Hag. My perks were Decisive Strike, Breakout, Mettle of Man, We're gonna live forever (all perks at tier 3).

When another survivor was on the hook, I tried to unhook him. The killer lunged towards me and hit me. I ran away without unhooking the survivor and then I realized I only got a token for We're gonna live forever, meanwhile my Mettle of Man was still at 0/3.

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  • mithrios
    mithrios Member Posts: 120

    i notice this bug too

  • Kees_T
    Kees_T Member Posts: 807

    It's not a bug I think, since they changeg the MoM, they also changed how did you get the protection hits. Taking hits WHILE you're in the unhooking animation will not reward you with a token, you will get the token if you unhooked and then got hit.

    If you got a token of WGLF and didn't get one for MoM, then they track the protection hits differently then. Also are you sure you got one token of WGLF? Didn't you already have the token when you got hit? I've played multiple matchs with WGLF and I never get tokens when I got hit If I got interrupted.

  • dadamek8
    dadamek8 Member Posts: 51

    Well, the description of Mettle of Man says that you need to get 3 Protection Hits, so technically it should count towards that. And yes, I'm sure that I didn't have a token on WGFL before I took the hit near the hook.

  • Kees_T
    Kees_T Member Posts: 807

    I'm saying in the game code, yes you got the protection hit of WGLF, but MoM in the code probably treats the hit you got in a different way then the WGLF perk. The protection hit notification is just there to say that you got hit near a injured survivor, but in the code each perks has its own way to determinate if you will gain a token or not. In this case, MoM will only reward tokens if you take hits while the Killer is carrying someone or geting hit near an injured survivor. Unhooking a survivor and then getting a hit will grant you 1 token, byt getting hit during mid-animation won't, this is the case for MoM.

  • Solyc
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    Yes please, fix Mettle of Man or protection hits.