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Is Quentin's Face Going to be "Fixed?"

Somnus Member Posts: 7

I remember seeing on Twitter that BHVR wanted to change Quentin's model, more specifically, the face of the model. This is because, as you know, Quentin's face could be described as many things. Most of which are not humanoid.

This was a while ago, and I have heard nothing of it since. So does anybody know what's up with that?

I feel like I have to also say the model is not by any means bad. I think BHVR did a great job making Quentin look sleep deprived, and I would rather the new face be a choice if it is happening, since I know I would still occasionally play with the old face.

Thanks for the answers in advance. (If there are any.)

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  • Cheers
    Cheers Member Posts: 3,426
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    In a recent Q&A stream (The one prior to the 4th anniversary) I believe the developers announced that legal issues are in the way and they can't change Quentins face due to that.