The Archive challenges doesn't count sometimes

St1ngBG Member Posts: 23

Few times was doing 3 totems (for the challenge where u have to cleanse 20 totems) ,but it counted always 1 or even 0. Okay,that's fine ,not pain in the a*s ,but JUST completed the Kate challenge,was on death hook and escaped, but the challenge doesn't counted....please count it,don't wanna struggle again with it... steamid bgmafio7a

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  • Anonymous_Panda
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    I have the same problem but with a different archive challenge. I've completed Grenade Launcher --the one where you have to hit two survivors with a fully wound up hatchet in a trial-- maybe six times now but it won't give me the achievement. I have 4 out of 5 of Anna's memories and this is the last one I need to complete it.