Cant hook. Sliding Hook state to right.

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Seems they are using a hack to cause killer to get stuck in a sliding state and slide away from the hook, while not allowing the hook action to complete or even start proceeding its timer action after initiated. I had to swing with mouse 1 to break out of this (I did lots of buttons which did not work), then backed up and attempted a 2nd time to hook carried survivor, which caused a hook slide to the same direction, oddly enough. Which seemingly 'coincidentally' caused the Feng Min to jump off the other hook and escape, BUT Feng Min jumping off the hook seemed to allow me to finally hook the survivor I was hook sliding with.

This 20 second video is just the "2x hook sliding" and then Feng Min "jumping off the hook".

This next 2 minute clip is the same match but starts right before I downed both of these last two survivors and ends after Feng Min escapes out the gate.

This next video is the entire 8 minute match unedited after match start to ending, for clarity on any questions.

These videos are all unlisted, but you can view them from here.

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