Please, add an option to choose server preferences.

kaeru Member Posts: 1,568
edited June 2020 in Feedback and Suggestions

My normal ping at weekend is 110-130 which is bad but playable. At night (right now for me) game throw me to servers with ping 200-250. So I have to dodge lobbies over and over until I find lobby with ping 130.

I guess it means that my closest servers are avialible but overflown.

Yes, queue time is short. I find lobbies less than 20 sec but it doesn't matter since game offers me an unplayable distant servers. I have to dodge them and it makes an actual search ridiculously long.

I play since 2018 and I remember when queue times took dozens of minutes for me. I was waiting then. I can wait now. So I would love to wait longer but go to playable server as result. So please make an option to manually choose closer servers even if it would take more time to wait for queue.