Huntress Hatchet Hit Boxes

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I was just playing in a match with a friend of mine. We were on the Temple of Purgation map. I was on the back side of the Killer Shack, the side closest to the wall on the outside of the map, the killer(huntress) was on the side with the window. She threw a hatchet at me while she was still on the side with the window and I was about to round the side of the shack, the side that has no doors or windows, I hadn’t even made it to the door to the shack yet. She threw her hatchet and it’s like the hatchet curved around the shack and hit me and knocked me down. As soon as I got put into the dying state I turned my camera to see exactly how close she was and she was coming around the corner of the shack. The hatchet hit boxes really need to be fixed. It doesn’t make sense for a hatchet to hit from 4 feet to my left or right. Thank you for listening. I hope y’all are able to do something about it.

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  • JayDoesGames
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    Had similar in one of my games today. Its quite common tbh. What was nice is that the killer acknowledged it and even said they abuse the fact their hitboxes are broken

  • Rexipipe
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    A mi me a pasado muchísimas veces , debería de arregar ese problema

  • davidKinky
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    Hatchet's Hitbox is broken sometimes :(

  • Zayn
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    Hatchet hit boxes are too oversized. At least make the hatchet fit it's hitbox so we know where to dodge because atm it's so unfun to play agaisnt huntress

  • Rydog
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    Hatchet hitboxes, as I've seen at least one person these forums put it, are the size of flying refrigerators.