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What is your favourite perk build for survivor?


I am trying to get better at the game and have found that I don't really change what perks I use, I generally just stick with what I start with. I was wondering what some of your guys favourite builds are and what way do you play them? Do you have a looping build? Doing gens build? Things like that.


  • FichteHiro
    FichteHiro Member Posts: 711


    I like to use all kinds of different builds, using all perks in the game. If you wanna increase your odds of escaping, I suggest running a meta build such as: Decisive Strike, Unbreakable, Adrenaline, Dead Hard.

    My personal favorite build is: Iron Will, Resilience, Spine Chill and Head On.

  • Iceman
    Iceman Member Posts: 1,457

    It depends, I use perks to play different roles in a match.

    My favorite role is saving team mates lol

    Saboteur, Breakout, Borrowed Time and the last perk could be anything.

  • barnabarator
    barnabarator Member Posts: 3

    I am one of those few in the red ranks that dont use decisive strike or dead hard.

    1.Kindred - always ( saved me - and others - more times than DS/DH ever could)

    2. Iron Will - at III this perk is fantastic regardless of build. Works great with basic medkits and self-care. Maximizes stealth

    3. Sprint Burst - great if used correctly, especially for map traversal between objectives.

    4. Spine Chill/Prove Thyself - if I have a medkit to bring , ill bring one of those 2. Both provide a great speed bonus and help others in one way or another.

    I dont think Borrowed Time is as fantastic of a perk as people make it out to be. Plenty of people who bring it, never even try to save others. It doesnt always work against camping killers that can grab you before you unhook.

  • fozzy_ozborn
    fozzy_ozborn Member Posts: 48

    Quick and Quiet

    Iron Will


    Head on

  • hahadrillgobrrr
    hahadrillgobrrr Member Posts: 953

    Iron will

    Calm spirit

    Dead hard

    Borrowed time

  • Elcopollo
    Elcopollo Member Posts: 766
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    *Borrowed Time, Adrenaline, Resilience, Prove Thyself* - that's is the most frequent one, I guess.

    Though I tend to experiment with builds all the time, so mostly they are very different. I also like *Kindred, Urban Evasion* and *Lithe*. *Unbreakable* is nice, but I only used it VERY efficiently once, when I became the last survivor and managed to pick myself up, heal myself with *Self-Care* and open the gates after the Oni close the hatch. I don't like *Dead Hard* because of how unreliable it is from time to time. Laurie is the only character of mine, who is still Level 15, so I don't use her perks.

  • lotelal
    lotelal Member Posts: 12

    my favorite build right now is

    Balanced landing


    Botany knowledge


    it´s a poor build, but i soloQ, and i was rank 1, you can put whatever you want instead of self-care and botany knowledge

  • dbarranco
    dbarranco Member Posts: 97

    I like to switch it up a bit. I always run Self-Care, Decisive Strike and Spine Chill; for the fourth perk I use either Dead Hard, Adrenaline, Balanced Landing or Lithe.

  • Kxrrupted
    Kxrrupted Member Posts: 14

    -Dark Sense


    -Spine Chill

    -Sprint Burst

    (my awareness is so bad its depressing)

  • Dr_Loomis
    Dr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,703
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    -Spine Chill (the best)

    -Self-Care (What???)

    -Borrowed Time


  • notstarboard
    notstarboard Member Posts: 3,703
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    • We're Gonna Live Forever
    • Iron Will
    • Saboteur
    • Break Out

    I run a lot of builds, but this is one of the most entertaining. When a survivor gets downed, beeline to the nearest hook and get ready to sabotage it. Wait out of sight until the killer approaches, then sabotage it. You want to finish the sabotage when the killer is as close as possible to the hook, but without letting them hit you if possible. Then put yourself in between the killer and the next closest hook. Only take a hit if you really need to; with Break Out the survivor on the shoulder should have more than enough time to wiggle. 9 times out of 10 the killer will either try and fail to make it to the next hook, or they'll drop the survivor on their shoulder and chase you instead.

  • WiseguyKy
    WiseguyKy Member Posts: 18
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    Inner Strength

    Empathy (at lvl 3 it lets you see where your injured teammates are and if they're being chased, where the killer is. Also a must to switch between objectives and getting into position for a flashlight or pallet save. Overall an underrated perk.

    Sprint burst/Head on/Lithe (head on fits nicely with inner strength but I like the other two exhaustion perks for making distance in a chase.

  • Papayarng
    Papayarng Member Posts: 73

    I run no-mither,for the people and selfcare. always bring a medkit too