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Pig buff??

dbdface Member Posts: 3

should the pig get a buff?


  • FichteHiro
    FichteHiro Member Posts: 711


    I think she should get some minor buffs, such as Survivors not being able to see the Auras of Jigsaw Boxes before their trap is activated, or her not roaring while activating the Ambush Attack, only after she charged it.

  • Yogerman1997
    Yogerman1997 Member Posts: 374
    edited June 2020

    i want give her some buff but also some nerf

    change nº1:

    As fichtehiro said before, one of them is make survivors can't see jigsax bowes while the trap is not activated.

    Then change the addon: "Rules Set No.2" to make the ambush attack completely silent.

    change nº2:

    At the end all traps become active, but the timer become infinite.


    Have the timer but you can scape if youre in chase or even refill the timer.

    i like her as a killer who have extra time to pressure survivors, not one who abuse the traps to tunnel...