Legion Bug.

MoistureBoi Member Posts: 11

So I was in a game, playing as Legion (I am about to get scolded for using him), and everything was going alright. Until the point where I hooked a Kate. While I was hooking her, a Bill tried to blind me and failed. Then he tried again when I had hooked her, and just as I got blinded, I activated my Feral and something weird happened. I was in the POV of Legion being in the Feral Frenzy (when the POV is a bit lowered and he has his knife up), but I wasn't running and I couldn't Deep Wound Bill. Instead I apparently hit him with a basic attack. Then I hit him again, knocking him on the ground and a split second later he got back up, with the Deep Wound effect showing on the bottom left. I was confused. I downed him again and he again got back up instantly. It wasn't until I grabbed him from a locker that I was finally able to hook him, but that still didn't fix the POV. I couldn't vault windows or pallets and I couldn't enter the Feral. I was lucky it was just a single Adam left and I had BBQ and immediately found him and downed him. And just as the game ended, everything went back to normal. I was able to enter Deep Frenzy again normally. Has this happened to anyone else? Because if it has and it was in the middle or start of a game, seems like the Legion has lost being unable to vault or enter Feral Frenzy.