[Bug] Opened exit gate on Lerys appears closed.

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Platform: PC-Steam

Played a game with Doctor, got sent to Lerys.

Survivors did all 5 generators, and managed to open the exit gates. The exit gate appeared closed, but the survivors escaped.

I know they escaped through the seemingly closed exit gate because I chased them there and could walk through the closed exit gate. I suspect it was a graphical glitch rather than hacking, but I could be wrong.

Logs attached, and a screenshot of me standing with the doctor partially through the exit gate. I did not have time to take more screenshots as the game ended after the survivors left.

Also, I note that ever since I downloaded the 4.0.0 PTB and deleted it to return to normal servers, I've been experiencing what appears to be random lag spikes. These lag spikes did not happen before I downloaded the PTB.

I opened Task Manager and noticed Ethernet and Memory usage spiking every time there's a lag spike, with FPS dropping to single digits and the clock icon showing in the top left.

The issue persists even after I verified game files, re-installed the game on a different drive, and only happens on DBD. No bug reports before these lag spikes; This is my 2nd bug report after the lag spikes began.

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