After The Grab I Can't Wiggle

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Hey , 2 days ago i played a game and i was playing as survivor.I tried to juke Oni once but he grab me then hooked me , after the unhook i hop into a locker trying to juke him but he grabbed me again and at the start i was able to wiggle.

Then he tried to hook me but he wasn't able to.He couldn't drop me (which means he can't use his power) either.I wasn't able to wiggle after that.I got droped from the killers grasp somehow but i was down.My teammate(s) healed me and i got to Healthy state and i was still like on the Killers grasp.

In this process in some point i saw something twitching , it was the (M1 - HEAL) icon.I tried it but i wasn't able to.After that i was running and i was on a locker.I tried to hop into it and literally pressed space like 30 times and finally i was able to.The killers grasp view changed to my third person view.But i was still like on the grasp (My character wasn't looking healthy , it was the model that used in the killer grasp)

.I wasn't able to repair , heal or something and my friend wasn't able to see me , killer wasn't able to use his power too.The Heal , Repair , Hide icons were twitching , i wasn't able to do them withouth clicking M1-Space a thousand times.So i can't Repair-Heal but i can Hide somehow.I was able to use my flashlight tho , sadly i used it before i got out of the locker-thing so i couldn't see and take a screenshot of this model.

Finally killer disconnected because i literally bypassed him 30 times in this procces but he wasn't able to shoot me , maybe even see me.

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