Chase Timer Discrepancy between Daily Rituals and Challenges

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Playing on Xbox, my most recent daily was to be chased by the killer for 120 seconds as David King. Since I was going to try that, I selected a Challenge of being chased by the killer for 300 seconds. As I've never used David and didn't level him up, it took a few tries. After the first attempt, the Daily Ritual progress was set to 30 seconds but the Challenge progress was only at 29. After the second attempt, the Daily Ritual went to 78 but the Challenge was only showing 75. Round 3, the Ritual was at 118 while the Challenge was at 113. I completed the Ritual on the 4th attempt and was chased long enough that the Challenge also exceeded 120, so I can't be sure what the difference was on that last run. Not a big deal, but something I noticed and thought I'd mention. I do have video reflecting this, if it would be useful, but it's not currently on my computer, so I'll have to transfer it over if it would be of use.

(Also, the link above the post box for "an example of how a bug report should look" goes to a deleted post.)

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