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Coldwind farm

Rancid abbotoir is so bugged its unbelievable.the main building you can walk through pretty much any wall on certain spots

Crotus penn asylum

Basicly any map within the 'crotus penn asylum ' maps are just a game bound with fps dropps.any crotus pen asylum map just laggs and just gets worse with killers like the doc


The perk 'save the best for last' doesnt quite work.while in frenzy you do not get any stacks when you hit a survivor.


There are in every few games i play a havker that just messes everything up and makes it really unpleasant

Piping system

The system doesnt work.i usally get 25 -28 thousand games and i dont earn a single pip.i have to play 4 - 5 games before i get one pip and then i get a crotus penn asylum map and i have to d/c(quit)because i really have playing on 10 fps


The hitboces are so broken on survivors its so bad

Button layout

The current layout is really bad,please add customizable button grids


This game just laggs so much like at the start of the game for the first 30 - 70 seconds you lag out like really bad and the crotus pen asylum maps...just make life miserable

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