Ghastly Gateau (anniversary cake) doesn't work

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Platform: PC

Description: A survivor used a Ghastly Gateau offering. Had the Ghastly Gateau offering worked, I would've earned 47 042 BP from the match, see my total BP in the top right corner. Same with the survivors, none of them got extra BP.

Steps: Use the offering.

How often does it occur: No idea.

Edit: I just did a second game, again didn't work:

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We are looking into this, right now the Gateau's do not stack and give 140% BP's to the person that plays the offering, but nothing to anyone else in the game.



  • Strange_Scarecrow
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    Offering is working but looks like it's personal and doesn't stack

  • coley_219
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    I'm on PS4 and it didn't work for me. But i never had the confetti floating around me. The killer and one other survivor brought it in. I do not know if it awarded them the points or not. We were on the Rancid cornfield map

    for some reason in this match below - it worked

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  • Zyrax
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    Can confirm. I do not get any bonus BP when other people use Ghastly Gateau. On Switch.

  • TheTulipana
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    Same here. Played a match where both the killer and i brought it. Nobody got the bloodpoints and i only got bonus bloodpoints from my we're gonna love forever stacks.

  • Hreos
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    Event cakes from last year, doesnt give you any bonus points as well.

  • tylxr_jay
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    Neither. I was in a survive with friends match and all 4 of us put on ghastly gateaus and I only got bonus blood points from 1 ghastly and my we’re gonna live forever stacks.

    it seems that they do not contribute to all plays but only to the person that puts them on, kind of like an escape cake or survivor puddings.

    not to mention I put on 4 ghastly gateaus in a row just to be certain and sure enough i was right.

  • TheTulipana
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    Btw that last screen will never show you how many bloodpoints you got in total. The last page on the scoreboard will always show you how many bp you got in trial without any bonus modifier added. Your TOTAL amount of bloodpoints you got WITH bonuses are displayed on the first page in the post game screen.


    1 The very last page of the end screen shows i got 4949 bp IN GAME:

    2 The 1st page showing i got 6154 bp from THE MATCH AS A WHOLE:

  • robangus
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    Also having issues. It works for me (we had three active in a match and it only did the 104% for me)

    The second time i bought one it didnt appear on the offerings screen before the match but was in the scorecard but didnt actually give me any extra BP (ss below) (On PC. Not used it on switch yet)

  • SurvJoe
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    yeah so far it's only working for the person who brings it and not stackable at all fix pls

  • Casperge
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    In the offering description it says: "stacks" so it should stack.

  • KeeBy
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    It's not about being stackable.. it's personal(even if it says something else) , if it's personal it doesn't stack.. it's logic..

  • mischeva
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    same here doesn't work fix pls

  • robangus
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    it also says its for all players in the game...

    The 3yr anniversary offering worked the same way except being 103%

  • Honkerton
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    Yes, and while that might be the case, if you compare the BPs won in the match to the total BPs I have in the top right corner, you will notice that I started the game with about 1000 BP's and didn't win any extra beyond the 23k or so I made in that match.

  • Potter
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    PC is also working!

  • TheMr
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    So what im hearing is.. The Cake is a lie?

  • ShansImmortal
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    It's not being stacked, and it is personal only. 4 of us brought cakes in SWF and we each received ONLY 104% We tested i t and had 3 people bring cakes, and only 3 people got ONLY 104%. So it's completely broke. And a lot of BP we are missing out on.

  • KeeBy
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    well well .. look who needs to learn how to read. I SAID , RIGHT NOW THE CAKE WORKS LIKE A PERSONAL OFFERING WHICH DOESN'T STACK that's why it's personal.

    I know the gruesome gateau worked like a bps +3% , it's probably just a bug which will be fixed soon.

  • Tomozudoari
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    Same problem

  • mtorquato
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    I got 2 games as killer and doesn't work for me!

  • Uindangergurl
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    should be an easy fix. Why hasn’t it been addressed yet by devs. Isn’t kinda the most exciting thing about the event?

  • Kalliath
    Kalliath Member Posts: 2

    I have the same problem: 3 ppl brought gateaus, but they only worked in a personal, non-stacking way. Please fix soon!

  • Krilkal
    Krilkal Member Posts: 68

    Can comfirm. The gateau is a lie.

  • NosrednA
    NosrednA Member Posts: 2

    gateau and escape cake not working!

  • Deadeye
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    In my case it was the following:

    One other guy (so not me) brought one ghastly. I received 250 bonus BP in that game.

    In another match, someone bringing one ghastly, another one gruesome and me also a ghastly. I got the full bonus (base BP *4) a friend got only double BP (apparently from 3rd anniversary gateau)

  • Alexandra
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    The cakes are not working on ps4 either. Just had a game with multiple cakes and only earned what i got in game.

  • Skydeszka
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    It works as a personal perk, lots of players who I played with complained too PC, no needed circumtance.

  • memento
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    >After investigation, we have found that the Ghastly Gateau offering bonus is 140% instead of 104%, but does not stack.

    It's a lie. My cake didn't give BP bonus at all to me. It's neither 140% nor 104%.

  • raquelambersantiago
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    Seems to be totally random IF they stack or not. Some matches they have stacked and worked gotten over 113k BP, other matches not stack and just give 140% to the person who uses them so seems to be random atm.

  • NebuLositY
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    Do you think its possible that its a typo in the code? As in 140% satcks? Would be hilarious if so

  • Hendi99999
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    How long can it takes to fix such a small offering bug?

  • PortiMeo
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    I feel we're dealing with the same team like YouTube

  • LapisInfernalis
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    The gateau is a lie, there is only the cake.

    Through the cake we gain bloodpoints,

    Through bloodpoints we gain items,

    Trough items we gain power,

    Through power we gain victory,

    Through victory our ranks get broken.

    May the Entity set us free.

  • SantaKlawz1
    SantaKlawz1 Member Posts: 188

    If we save screen's hits will we get those blood points back or are they gone forever?

  • SantaKlawz1
    SantaKlawz1 Member Posts: 188

    Screen shots

  • Xyex
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    I've gotten 140% every time I've played one.

    How long does it take to fix a small hole in your roof? Just because it seems small doesn't mean it's simple. And they only found out about it yesterday, they rarely push hotfixes mid week unless it's something major. Chances are we won't see it patched until next week.

  • ggallinftw
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    Yup, i'm getting a 0% bonus whenever a cake is used too. Yay.

  • Stargazer
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    Had a match earlier today, said only one offering was brought in, mine a cake. End of game, I see somebody else brought in a cake, didn't even get the extra blood points from the cake I brought in. So not only was there a bug for the missing offering that should have been there, but also the cake didn't work at all.

  • Hydro_dbd
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    3 cakes and only got my we’re gonna live forever bonus. Confirmed these cakes do not give bp nor stack for that matter

  • Beacri
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    I experienced a lot the same situations. In example with 3 or 4 Ghastlys and full B&C, with base 28k BP I got only 60k BP total... Just finished another match when my personal cake didn't even worked...

  • FeryGEN
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    And of course, after the week of this bug, the cake event will not be extended

  • Caleaha
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    Yeah, it says all players which got me and my friends totally excited as we are looking forward to sharing blood points with the killers, maybe have them not face camp us and tunnel us to death? Would be great. But alas, played a few games today and no bueno.

  • satanwuvsyou
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    can confirm gateau doesn't work on pc :( very disappointing

    EDIT: I've got screenshots that show you don't even get a personal 140% bonus

  • Cul13n
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    The flashlights no longer work on switch either. Both the event and regular flashlights. I’ve not tried the medkit as of yet. I’ve also had 3 games in the last 2 days that loaded with 5 survivors and I’ve also noted that my friends list disappears randomly. I think there might be a few bugs, and sadly with the devs history (particularly with the switch) I don’t think they’ll be resolved anytime soon

  • SantaKlawz1
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    I don't understand why they would have an event that doesn't work and then not extend it. I'm new to this game. Is this what I should expect? If so I'm thankful I haven't spent any money on it. What a way to run a company.

  • dknb
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    4th gateau does not work. bonus was nothing not 140.

    and flashlight and medikit not arrival on bloodweb. on STEAM

  • Deadeye
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    Someone told me that I didn't have the cake equipped when that happened to me. My post game screen showed me that I was perkless (which was wrong) and having cake and toolbox equipped. I equipped toolbox and cake and started with the toolbox. But afterwards I noticed that I did not lose a cake. So this is also bugged, you equip the cakes but the game unequips them for you (as well as the post game screen being totally messed up like showing Hag power when you played against Mikey)

    Btw it gives 104%, at least today. Yesterday or 2 days ago they stacked when I equipped one, but not when I had no cake. I have seriously no idea what is going on with this event


  • Deadeye
    Deadeye Member Posts: 3,627

    just save them until they are fixed. I would reccomend that to everyone. You can still use them after the event