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None of my Killers (non licensed) can pick up the crown! Help!!

Queen_Onslaught Member Posts: 1
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I tried playing as the Hillbilly, Clown, and the Oni and it wasn't working. it gave me the option to grab, but every time I went to go get it, it would do the attack action. Please help.


  • FichteHiro
    FichteHiro Member Posts: 711


    Picking up a crown as a Killer does trigger the attack animation, but you're not really attacking. To confirm if you picked up the crown, check for a golden VFX on your screen. If you did get the "golden glow", the crown should be awarded to you once the match is finished unless some bug occurred.

  • Karaage
    Karaage Member Posts: 340


    I was confused at first too, but when You get close to the Crown You get the "[Space] Pick Up" option. Just pressing Space doesn't work though, You need to hold the Space button till all the animation plays out and You get the crown. As @FichteHiro said, You'll know when You're done when golden glow appears on Your screen.