Flashlight direction bug

THE_YOKK Member Posts: 1

Whenever Using any Flashlight my caracter points the flashlight (when used) directly at the floor so the item is unuseable.

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  • Melonsan
    Melonsan Member Posts: 2
    edited June 2020

    It happened to me too(3 times), on Dwight and only when it was from a chest. Otherwise it works.

    I would've posted a recording of it but .mp4 termination is "not allowed".

  • pejii
    pejii Member Posts: 79

    I had the same issue at least twice ever since the last update, don't know yet what is the reason or how to reproduce it. PC platform two different survivors

  • PortiMeo
    PortiMeo Member Posts: 40

    That's exactly what happened to me few minutes ago

  • CriminalMind_ITA
    CriminalMind_ITA Member Posts: 93

    This game is unique <3

  • Cruquinha
    Cruquinha Member Posts: 1

    It’s happening to me too.

  • omano
    omano Member Posts: 66
    edited June 2020

    Same here, Dwight main, flashlights from chests always have no light cone and seem to always aim at my feet.

    EDIT: Windows 7, P3 Dwight with Halloween outfit with P3 head.

  • satanovsyn
    satanovsyn Member Posts: 37

    It happens 6times in 2 days for me.....

  • satanovsyn
    satanovsyn Member Posts: 37

    Same here, Dwight, flashlights from friend always have no light cone and seem to always aim at my feet.

  • Rinya
    Rinya Member Posts: 1

    Yeah it keeps happening to me too usually on Dwight whenever i pick up a flashlight after dropping it or from a chest

  • sk1913
    sk1913 Member Posts: 84

    welcome do Dead by Daily Bug

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