Tried to use Ghastly Gateau, but didnt register!

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  1. I made the offering of Ghasltyl Gateau and it didnt count!?! This is happening a LOT lately! These screen shots are to quickly show it was used correctly. The video is to show it being used uninterrupted, although edited for time, you can see all the player names are the exact same and the points show the match is the correct match.
  2. There are other bugs here too. A player at the end game lobby has no perks loaded, when they did have perks loaded. This has been occuring a lot lately too!
  3. Another bug was that I didnt even get the bugged 4% from the other survivor's Ghastly Gateau. It was like my match was calculated as if I was the only player.
  4. A fourth bug was that the Crown did NOT spawn for anyone at all during the round!!! What gives? Please fix, ok?

Above screen shot displays that I am using Ghastly Gateau, and my current bps as 18,420.

Above ss shows players names, to verify this was the same match.

Above ss displays the other player's cake, but not mine.

This shows I didn't get to use my Medkit nor my Ghastly Gateau, and that my bps only increased as if it were not used.

This ss shows I did not even get the 4% bps from the other player's Ghastly Gateau!

This video below shows it all strung together minus the game play, to demonstrate the bugs only.

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  • Kamikazi
    Kamikazi Member Posts: 144

    This bug still occurs and is caused by switching from one character back to the character you wish to play. It wipes out all your add ons and offerings. It might be related to the error which hides your perks from the end game lobby.

  • Volke
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    I've been noticing this error too and I was trying to figure out what was happening but It's frustrating having saved up so many cakes from the event and having them not work.

  • Kamikazi
    Kamikazi Member Posts: 144

    When it first was occurring, it seemed you could use the offering and equipment from the previously selected survivor on the new survivor. But by the time I realized this, and attempted it, it no longer worked. But I probably have video evidence of it working... too many videos to sift through, unless it really mattered.

    It would also display in the end game lobby that the killer was using the main powers and addons of the previously selected killer, although the killer would actually have the correct main powers. For instance: Meyers would be using Demogorgon powers and add-ons. (I have unpublished videos and screen shots of this.)