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Oni build?


Just wanted to ask if my oni build is good and if not what changes would you do with my other perks?

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  • Nevr4GiveZeDevil
    Nevr4GiveZeDevil Member Posts: 42

    Waited for hours for an answer and now i got a good one i can look back at when i got the other perks! Thanks!

  • MrDardon
    MrDardon Member Posts: 3,880

    Basically what Fichte said. Infectious, BBQ and Monitor and any gen slowdown Perk. I personally like Ruin more since I don't waste time kicking gens, but that's my playstyle.

    Monitor let's you get your first hit earlier since it reduces the Terror Radius.

    BBQ gives you information where people are so you can Blood Fury Dash right into their direction. I personally use Blood Fury only if I see Survivors since they could still hide after you activated Blood Fury, making you waste it.

    Infectious is in my opinion the best Perk for Oni. It gives him so much snowball potential. Down a Survivor with Demon Strike, see another Survivor, dash to them and down them. Usually if your Infectious shows a lot of people you're gonna get 3 downs if you know how to control Oni properly. Also, since you are in a chase with someone, Monitor will increase your Terror Radious which will immediately increase the range of Infectious Fright.

    And yeah like I said, you can use any slowdown Perk or maybe even any other Perk of your choice if you down people very quick. I like to not worry about kicking gens that's why I use Ruin.

  • KnotEnthusiast
    KnotEnthusiast Member Posts: 464

    In addition to what MrDardon said, Monitor is also amazing on Oni because it synergizes so well with Infectious: it gives you a smaller terror radius when not in chase so you can get close to people without them running, then once in chase it gives you a large terror radius, so you get more hits on your Infectious Fright, as that depends on TR.