Bloody Party Streamers NOT working

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Just played a game on PS4, brought Bloody Party Streamers (meanwhile nobody else brought an offering, except killer brought Black Ward) and I did not receive double points. I could've sworn I saw it stacking and working in previous games, now that the CAKES are fixed.

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  • PrettyFaceKate
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    Did you switch character during the countdown?

  • Smichaels82
    Smichaels82 Member Posts: 56

    No. I even tripled checked in the end-game results screen to see if I was missing anything. I'm the only one who brought an offering and it didn't register. Now I just played a game where 3 people brought the cakes and I brought a BPS, and it seems have given me much more than 412%. Maybe I'm doing my math wrong on this one but I don't think so.

    However, about the original post, as I said, no one else brought any offerings except Killer, but the BPS was right there by my name and it didn't register :(

    I can't believe I have to whip out a calculator to play this game LOL

  • Smichaels82
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    For the game where I got too many blood points, it could very well be because an extra person had brought the 104% cake and it wasn't registering in the end-game result screen. I don't know now but that could've been it.

    But yet again I played a game where only one person brought the cake and I brought BPS and it only gave me 104% more points instead of 204%. Very strange that sometimes they seem to be working and other times not. Of course I'm no mathematician and could completely be missing something here but I'm being as thorough as I can... although I wish I didn't have to be and could just trust the game to do as it says it will. :'( I save my streamers for moments like this and it sucks to see them get flushed down the drain.

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    This is on pc bps didnt worked

    Edit: After a bit saw I got rewarded the extra bp after the game it just doesnt show at the tally screen. Weird.