PC - Yellow Flashlight Bug

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Platform: PC

Bug Report: Flashlight (Item); Standard. Yellow Graphic. Non-anniversary item.

Special Mentions: Having or not having add-ons to this item doesn't seem to affect the glitch from happening.

Last Glitch Occurred: 07/02/2020

Character Played: Dwight

Perks: Borrowed Time, Urban Evasion, We'll Make It, Kindred

Map: Crotus Prenn Asylum

How I Acquired Item: From a Chest inside the chapel.

Description of Issue: I have noticed a bug that seems to happen to me when I acquire a yellow level flashlight (non-anniversary) while in an active match. The arm on my survivor won't raise when I try to use the flashlight if I acquired the flashlight while in an active match through the following ways; taken from the ground where a survivor dropped it, from a chest, or traded items with another survivor.

When I click to use the flashlight, once acquired in the active match, the arm holding the flashlight won't raise up like it is supposed to. It doesn't matter if you're standing, crouching, or running. The flashlight just shines it's beam on the ground next to you. This glitch seems to only happen with the yellow level flashlights that are acquired in a match. The other flashlights work just fine.

Notes: I have not tried to reproduce this glitch in a custom game, and therefore do not know if the outcome would be different.

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Begin an active match (non-custom) with no items brought in. 2. Acquire a standard flashlight while in an active match. 3. Click it to see if the arm will raise.

How Often Does This Occur: It has occurred every time I have acquired a yellow flashlight while in an active match.

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