Bloodwebs Only Give 3 Perks at Lv50

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I play on PS4 and have seen this issue on 3 survivors now. The bloodwebs will stop giving the choice of 4 perks amd instead only give you 3 when there is a very small amouny of perks left to claim. Usually when there's 10 (tier 3) perks left until all perks are owned and maxed, it starts to only allow a choice of 3 on the bloodweb. This is a consistant thing to see now. It happened to Ash about 3 days ago, happened to Ace about 2 days ago, and now happened to Nea today. I had 10 perks (tier3) left to get on Nea, until she has them all, and it started only giving me a choice of 3.

Edit: this is also an issue when getting the lastest 3 perks from the recent chapter too. I have Hillbilly at P3lv50 and they only gave me two perks on the previous two bloodwebs. I still had all 3 of them yet to get to max teir. It is so annoying, forcing me to spend more bp that usual.

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