Dwight Fairfield broken wrist bug

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When you play as Dwight, after the 1st item you pickup, the wrist of his models breaks/bugs out. This doesn't really affect gameplay with items except for the flashlight. When this bug happens with the flashlight, if you try to use it to pallet blind/flashlight save, nothing will happen because the flashlight points directly at the ground due to the model breaking. As far as me and a couple friends can tell, it doesn't happen on any other characters than dwight. If you bring a flashlight from your inventory, or it is the 1st item you loot, you can use it fine, but if you were to drop it and pick it back up it the wrist would break, so basically if you want to make flashlight plays you have to bring your own or get lucky from a chest.

Im not sure how well the screenshot demonstrates the bug, the you can see that the flashlight is clipping through the wrist and the forearm is slightly distorted. This game that you are seeing, I brought a toolbox and luckily looted a Fourth Year flashlight, and the bug happens with all flashlights, not just the anniversary beamers.🙃

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