Killer - Bug that destroys the game by making it impossible to move the camera.

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(There is an official template that says the thread requires logs, but after looking through my PC I couldn't find the local files for DBD after going to %appdata% I didn't think at the time to screenshot what I saw because I was extremely close to finishing up the game/was a little too frustrated to think I would need a screenshot in order to report a bug).

Booted game up, and both the game and match starts normally. I was playing as Ghost Face (Slash Enthusiast skin) with the perks I'm All Ears, Thrilling Tremors, Bitter Murmur, and Unrelenting. The offering was the Ghastly Ghateau, and I don't recall the add-ons. (Except they increased movement speed during crouching, and allowed for faster night shroud recovery rates).

At the time of the bug, I had two survivors on a hook, one that was not wounded and was hiding nearby, and the last one was downed/dying. The last survivor was on the hook before. No gens were completed by the time of the bug. So as I grabbed the last survivor to put them back on one of the hooks, they disconnected the same time I grabbed them, and Ghost Face was stuck with the camera facing downwards, and his hand was outstretched as if about to grab a survivor. But the survivor was not there, and I couldn't get the camera to look up again. I tried crouching, and using the night shroud ability, and nothing happened. I had to disconnect the game because I couldn't see anything after that point. It was stuck on the ground, with Ghost Face's outstretched hand in frame, and I couldn't move to look left/right, but could still move my character in all directions.

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