The Oni Blood fury not usable until hitting survivor

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I've bought the Oni dlc a few days ago and have stumbled upon this bug about 3 times out of around 10 matches ive played with him. It happened to me in my last two matches when i was trying to reproduce the bug while playing normally.

From my knowledge, the Oni's passiive blood fury progress gain stops at around 98% after which he has to absorb a blood orb to get his power ready. So from my experience, I'd say that the source of the bug is that the passive blood fury gain doesn't stop when the gauge had just been almost fully filled. That leads to the oni being stuck between not being able to gather more orbs by holding M2 (because usually, there's no need to absorb orbs when the power is ready) and not being able to activate the power.

The two last times that I remember it happening, I fixed the bug by hitting a healthy survivor, which would've fulled up about half of the power gauge, so I dont know if hitting an injured survivor would fix this bug. I'm pretty new to the oni and dont know if his power gauge is filled up when hitting an injured survivor.

In the last match I remember it happening, the bug happened when a few seconds after I hooked the second last survivor, blood fury was almost fully charged, when without absorbing any blood orbs my power was visibly and audibly ready (the white bar around the power's icon in the bottom left corner turned red,, the oni's left hand had red blood on it, etc.). After that I couldn't activate my power until I found the last survivor and hit them once. Before the bug accured, i had just gathered some blood orbs but im certain that the last 1% or so of the power gauge was filled passively.

In the match before, it was almost excatcly the same, I don't remember it as well, but I had just hooked the second last survivor and was walking around reasonable close to them, because I was protecting the unopened hatch. The bug was fixed and I could activate blood fury after I hit the last survivor, who happened to be in a healthy state.

Each time this bug happened to me, i tried: hitting the air, hitting a wall, breaking a pallet, almost anythink that I could do, and I am certain that this bug fixes itself either when sucessfully hitting a survivor, or hitting a survivor while they are healthy.

Additional info:

The last match:

Map - Lery's memorial institute, Hooked survivor - David King, Last survivor - Cheryl Mason, Killer - The Oni, Killer's perks: BBQ and chilli, Bitter murmur, Enduring/Whispers, (Probably Enduring, but i switched them up at some point and can't remember), Sloppy butcher (all tier 3)

The match before:

Map - The Underground complex, Hooked survivor - Nancy Wheeler, Last survivor - Meg Thomas, Killer - The Oni, Killer's perks: BBQ and chilli, Bitter murmur, Enduring, Sloppy butcher (all tier 3)

I was playing on PC, am from EU. The matches were around rank 12/13 and I finished them both by sacrificing all the survivors.I am very sorry if this report is a bit wordy, I just tried to give as much info as I could because i'd really like this bug to be fixed so I could play with my favourite killer with less stress.

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