I want the Crown

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-survivors & killers aren’t getting the crown cosmetic even after escaping and completing the trial.


Step one: boot game

Step two: Play as a survivor/killer in public match

Step three: Make contact with the crown and obtain golden flakes.

Step four: Escape/ complete the trial

Step five: No crown option in customization

Additional information 

Character: Meg Thomas 

Perks played: Small game, Sprint burst, Adrenaline, Spine chill

Map: Coldwind farm

Character: Jake Park

Perks played: spine chill, iron will, sprint burst, adrenaline 

Map: crotus prenn asylum, Macmillan estate

Frequency: at least twice per map (still haven’t gotten it)

Character: The shape

Perks played: unrelenting, NOED, insidious

Map: Ormond

Frequency: at least twice

Character: Ghost face

Perks played: a thrilling tremors, Deerstalker

Map: Yamaoka Estate

Frequency: at least twice

Character: Nancy Wheeler

Perks played: Adrenaline, Sprint burst, spine chill, fixated

Map: Autohaven Wreckers

Frequency: at least twice

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of these I do have one video of jake escaping through the hatch on my Xbox, however I’m unsure how to upload that here now. I read somewhere that licensed characters can’t obtain the cosmetic. If that’s the case I’ve wasted your time. But why meg though?

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