PC - Executioner's cage of atonement deadlockes the game

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Map: The game


Survivor in cage of atonement.

Steps to reproduce:

1.Activate endgame collapse (was activated by opening the gate) .

2.Wait for timer to ran out.

3.Endgame collapse timer line dissapears and

ER: Survivor is killed by entity/cage

AR: Survivor stays inside cage, and cage's progress line dissapears.

General discription:

During the game on PC I put survivor in the cage, then another survivor opened the gate and started endgame collapse timer. And on the screenshot you can see that endgame collapse timer ran out and survivor inside the cage is not killed by entity. I stand there for couple minutes and the game ended when that survivor leaved the match. Also during the endgame collapse cage didn't progress at all.

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