3-Person SWF party, unreadied and still in lobby, forcefully sent to separate active games (PC)

LunaWater Member Posts: 42

Me, my boyfriend, and our friend were queing together in a lobby but then I needed to go AFK so I hit the unready button. However, when I got back not only was I sent to and sacrificed in an active match but, it wasn't even with my party.

TLDR: Easy de-pip.

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  • SquidBones
    SquidBones Member Posts: 6

    I apologize if I misunderstand your issue. Were you in the ‘searching for match’ lobby, the one you enter after you click ‘play as survivor’ and invite your friends? Or were you in a match lobby, with a 4th random survivor and a killer? If you were in the latter, then clicking 'unready' won't prevent you from entering the game, you have to leave the match lobby and return to the survivor menu lobby.

    If you weren't in a match lobby, I have no idea how you got thrown into a game.

  • LunaWater
    LunaWater Member Posts: 42

    I was in a searching for a match lobby. Where you invite your friends.